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New Zealand Plantation Forest Industry Facts & Figures 2016

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NZIER Plantation Statistics Report

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NZIER Plantation Statistics Report - Plantation forestry and logging make a strong direct contribution to the New Zealand economy The plantation forestry and logging sector1 directly accounts for 0.6% of GDP or $1,389 million. READ MORE

Timber Talk : Debris Flow : Eastland Wood Council August 2015

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A summary of the Economic Impact Assessment Report

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This report examines the direct and downstream economic impacts of the plantation forestry and timber processing sector to the district’s
economy, including the sustainability of communities and regional employment.

This is a summary of the main report.

Economic Impact Assessment of the Forestry Industry in the Gisborne-Tairawhiti Region

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Prepared for the Eastland Wood Council by the Institute for Business Research – Waikato University, released 10th October 2013.

In 2011/2012, the direct value of forest production (excluding processing) was $225 million from 154,000 hectares. Significant economic flows are associated with wood production, harvest, transport, port handling and processing activities and the expenditure of wages and other forest income.